Who we are

Red Dragon Brewery was created in 2011, my name is Marc Hillman and since 2011 we have developed our boutique brewery into a supplier of beer under private labels to pubs, clubs and bars in and around Cairns.

Boutique beers and individual labelling boosts ale profits in brewery market. Thanks to our exclusive Red Dragon concept we are shaking up the Far Northern brewing industry.

The secret to this success is creating beers specifically for each venue. We’re not just offering our Red Dragon beers to our customers but we allow them to create their own beers and labels.

We have 45 venues signed up for a mixture of tap, bottled and canned products. This unique concept allows our customers to create their own labels from our boutique selections, make a tweak if they feel it’s necessary and they put on their own labels and start marketing their own brands of beers to their customers.

With 11 different beers available along with a ginger beer that is superb. The varieties are growing constantly and our menus improve on the traditional pale ales, a Mexican, a blonde, a gold, draught and a pilsner expertly crafted with no chemicals, no preservatives, are clean and crisp with no hangovers.

All our customers report back to us on their amazing successes achieved from their bars or restaurants from their provision of a locally brewed beer carrying their own labels.

Value adding further to the services offered we can also liven up your BBQ’s with one of our Red Dragon Kegs. This fantastic refrigerated unit allows you to serve draught beer from the tap in your home. This becomes a real talking point and will certainly increase your “number of friends enjoying your company.”

Moving ever forward, all Cairns ’ locals and tourists alike will be able to experience a sensational brewery tour. This highly informative tour lets you learn the art and then sample the product in the “Dragons Den.

Red Dragon Brewery has left a positive impression with all residents, astute business people and our wonderful tourists, all agreeing that this company has definitely made a favourable impression throughout our region…and that is really good news.


Who We Are

Experience the brewers in action producing a variety of beers to ancient recipes that are chemical and preservative free.

Keg Fridges

In business? Discover how you can increase your cash flow when you provide personalised bottled or keg beers to your customers.

Brewery Tours

Locals and visitors alike can enjoy the red dragon beer discovery tour exploring and tasting the traditional art of beer and cider brewing.

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Red Dragon Brewery is your gateway to real beer the way it should be brewed.

2/5 Bramp Close Portsmith Cairns QLD 4870
Phone: (07) 4035 5056
Steve: 0406 799 705

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