Keg Fridges

At Red Dragon we love beer as much as you do so we offer you our exclusive beer on tap for your home, club or recreation centre.

We also appreciate that you love our special beer flavours and formulas and the concept of serving draught beers from the tap in your home or at your venue.

Now that we have established that fact the idea of always having a delicious glass on tap is basically your version of paradise, then you have definitely reached the point where it’s time to take your love to the next level and buy a Red Dragon Beer On Tap Keg Fridge.

We are the one and only approved distributor for Keg King in the Cairns area.

Need More Evidence?

Now that you’ve arrived at this point it’s a guarantee that you want one… so here are 5 major benefits to settle this concept deeply in heart and mind!

Save you money…. eventually making the Keg Fridge free and then saving many dollars there after

They’re better for the environment… as you have considerably less in your wheelie bins.

You’ll save on fridge space…no need to keep a monster in the garage

Temperature control = quality control…it’s your preferred temperature

You’ll Always Have Good Beer On Hand…for weeks or months or even years

The only thing left that separates you from this fantastic tropical lifestyle is yourself…call now.


Who We Are

Experience the brewers in action producing a variety of beers to ancient recipes that are chemical and preservative free.

Keg Fridges

In business? Discover how you can increase your cash flow when you provide personalised bottled or keg beers to your customers.

Brewery Tours

Locals and visitors alike can enjoy the red dragon beer discovery tour exploring and tasting the traditional art of beer and cider brewing.

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Red Dragon Brewery is your gateway to real beer the way it should be brewed.

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